Who we are

MAMA TUNGURAHUA COSMETICA ARTESANAL, is a family brand and a way of life.

Our workshop is located at the foot of the Tungurahua volcano in the city of Baños.
Mama Tungurahua is inspired by the concept of the mother: the one who cares and protects.

We produce and commercialize in an eco-friendly way, using local or regional products to avoid the environmental impact of transport.
In addition to using only natural products, we make our soaps by cold process (which requires less energy), that is to say that we make the saponification at home, this allows us to have a traceability of the whole process to guarantee the origin of each input and to produce a high quality soap for the skin. The mixture of oils, fats and in some cases cow’s milk or beer make them really moisturizing soaps and ideal for demanding customers. The lotion bars and balms contain a high percentage of organic inputs, besides not being packaged in plastic but in wooden boxes!

The soaps are packaged in a sugar canne bagasse cardboard box. To avoid environmental impact and contribute to a circular economy.
We are constantly researching to improve our products and to use local and organic ingredientes. Organic produce is still growing in Ecuador, and therefore we cannot obtain 100% organic raw materials.

Our efforts to produce consciously are reflected in the content, processes and packaging of our products. As well as in the transport of our products.
We encourage conscious consumption in our marketing. And we maintain alliances with brands that have the same vision and commitments.
We believe people has a potential for transformation: contributing with consumer education and producing in a transparent and responsible way.

Rosita and Sofia González