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How about making your own soap

Did you know that by disposing of one liter of used cooking oil in water you contaminate 1000 liters of water?

Rather, the question would be: Why teach soap making if we sell it ourselves?
Are we throwing stones at our own backyard? No, that’s not the point.
The point is that we are very concerned about the issue of used oil in every home.
Typical Ecuadorian food is exquisite. We constantly fall into the temptation of fried food: empanadas, chifles, french fries, muchines, pristiños, etc. Unfortunately, when frying at home, we are faced with the problem of: What to do with the leftover used oil?
While it is true that there are now environmental managers who collect used oil, they do it mainly in places where they have large quantities. And in Ecuador there are still no collection points for small quantities.
So therein lies the question: What do we do with the used cooking oil we have left over?
Well, not down the sink. You’ll be polluting water bodies!
Another solution suggests disposing of the used oil in the same container and then throwing it in the garbage.
However, you would be throwing away a valuable raw material. Used oil can be reused to make your own dish soap!
These are the reasons that motivated us to make this tutorial.
We thank Paulina Naranjo (0 98 423 9645)  for her kind collaboration.
We look forward to your comments and questions.
Reuse it now!



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