I have stretch marks and now… What do I do?

That’s the question and not Hamlet’s tormented pondering of “to be or not to be”…..

So, according to what is natural, let’s go with concrete answers and without half-measures.

First of all, prevention.

Here are a few key tips:

The simple golden rule: Moisturizing is sacred, come every day.

Nourish your skin with natural and preferably organic oils: it will keep your skin elastic. Essential to keep it from breaking down. It sounds ugly, but that is the clearest concept of a stretch mark.

Avoid, run away from, run from too much sun exposure! In our case, the latter was the hardest thing to comply with, until recently lying in the sun and forgetting about the world was our vice.

The old and well-known recommendation: healthy food based on vegetables, fruits, legumes. Preferably organic, avoid refined and processed products. Prioritize fruit before the “natural” drink processed, packaged and with expiration date Do not be fooled!

Avoid sudden ups and downs of weight, this is one of the most common causes of stretch marks. Maintain an exercise routine according to your age, sex and job. All this will help you to have and maintain a healthy skin.

And now, for later, when you already have them, there is no other way: it’s time to deal with them.

However, keeping a healthy life will strengthen your spirit and immune system, we will continue talking about hedges in future publications.

In this regard, we share this beautiful text, which has been circulating on the Internet for some time.  We have searched for more references of the author: Suzanny Melahel since she is repeatedly quoted in several places and languages. But nothing, the lemonade doesn’t show up!

We assume she is some kind of poetess. Millions of women thank you!

We are fascinated by numeral 21.

The text shown in the present article is an adaptation of a text by Suzanny Melahel

Know your body! Love your body!

A healthy vagina has an acidic pH, it has an odor and it is an acidic odor, a vagina without odor does not exist!
All vulvas are different.The vulva is the external part of the organ, where the large and small labia remain.Virtually no woman’s vulva, if any, has perfectly symmetrical tiny labia.
In addition to developed vaginal lips, all adult women have hairs: hair on the legs, hair in the armpits, pubic hair, hair or darkening of the nipples.
Hair is not disgusting or unhygienic.hairs have several functions such as physical protection and thermal protection.if anything is unhygienic, it is depilation. In depilation (whether waxing or shaving) you assault the skin, causing micro lesions.Depilation can also change your vaginal flora, which is composed of various bacteria that work in order to keep the region healthy.With depilation you also run the risk of skin allergies and ingrown hairs, which can infect.
It is normal to have one breast larger than the other.
All women have vaginal discharge. It is normal. Having spots of discharge on your panties is normal, there is nothing gross or unhygienic about it.Healthy discharge has the typical acidic odor of the vagina and is clear and whitish.According to the transparency and liquidity of your vaginal mucus you may even have a sense of whether you are fertile or not.Women have cellulite.Women have cellulitis.Women have cellulite.Women have cellulite.Women have cellulite.Women have cellulite.Women have cellulite.Women have cellulite.Women have cellulite.Women have cellulite.
Women have cellulite. 99% of women have cellulite. Cellulite is not a disease.
Women have pores.that photoshop skin. It doesn’t exist. Pores are also not a health problem and an aesthetic issue.Covering pores with makeup can cause problems.
Women age.Aging is also not a disease, Facial expression marks are also not diseases and occur because women express themselves, marks of life left by feelings: lines from crying, from smiling, from feeling….
You may think that the clitoris is small; but it actually extends internally, averaging 9 centimeters.
The Vulva, as well as the penis, increases in size when aroused, due to increased blood flow.
Women, as well as men, can expel a large amount of fluid during sex. It is not friendly urination and there is nothing wrong with it.
Flatus (or “farts”) are normal. They can occur during sex or during intense physical exercise, and are caused by air entering the vagina.
Women are not blow-up dolls, they are not comfortable in all positions and are not obligated to feel pain because it is pleasurable for the other person. if a certain position is uncomfortable for you, don’t do it! If penetration or certain types of penetration are uncomfortable for you, don’t do it! Sex is not just about penetration, it is very different from what most men (and women) think.If you feel pain or discomfort, inform your partner and ask them to stop.If the person does not stop or complains, leave the scene.
Urinate after sex! This helps prevent urinary tract infections.
The vagina has muscles, you can strengthen them with exercises , which also help prevent urinary tract infections and help us to know and have more control over that part of the body.
Having your first sexual intercourse is one thing, having a broken hymen is another. You do not “lose your virginity” at the 2nd point.
Our body is very intelligent and one of the functions of vaginal secretions is already to clean and remove dead cells, washing externally is enough and that way you will not disturb your vaginal flora. You also don’t need a very expensive soap specific for female genitals, you have nothing better than an odorless glycerin soap (the less stuff in the soap like dyes and such, the better!) Don’t use sanitary napkins or toilet paper with odors or scents, and always use white 100% cotton panties or panties.


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