The matter of moisturizing the skin

The homemade mask formula is effective, we have tried it many times! Thank you for your feedback.

Fast life, stress, climatic changes and in general so many occupations make us forget to moisturize enough and without realizing it, suddenly the skin becomes rough, dry and cracked.
Definitive. The best advice to have and maintain a healthy skin is hydration.
So you have to take very seriously that “but look how the fishes drink in the river”… No, it is not the famous Christmas song, not the Papaya Dada version either… please do not confuse… We mean action!
Moisturizing problems can also be fixed by using mild, handmade soaps. Especially without chemicals, an indication is that they do not have strong colors and scents.
It is necessary to protect ourselves from the sun and, in terms of food: do not abuse fried foods. In addition, if you eat little fresh food, we are not doing well!
It will also help the application of masks.
We share with you this simple, accessible and above all natural formula, based on edible elements.
If it tastes sweet for you, it will taste better for your skin!

-Preferably before bedtime.
-Gather your hair. Wash your face with a mild, natural, handmade soap.
-Mix 3 tablespoons of natural yogurt plus 1 tablespoon of honey, beat well.
-With a brush or your fingers apply all over your face.
-Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.
-Wash off with warm water.

Now when we talk about “moisturizing” is the action of retaining water, then enter elements that generate a lipid layer that help your hydration subsist. Elements such as the famous “moisturizing creams”.
If you decide to buy a cream, avoid petroleum derivatives, silicones, preservatives. How do you know?
Let’s learn to read the labels.
We’ll keep telling you about it. See you next month!


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