Consumer conscience, habit is stronger than love…

Walnut box, traditional box, wooden box

There are many questions that are repeated.
And the most common is:
What do you want to do as Mama Tungurahua?
Well we can think of many things, among them getting a 100% profitable business. Who doesn’t want this?
Without discarding this objective, another primary interest is to contribute to strengthening the Ecuadorian community of responsible consumption.
We try to combine the social and environmental part and obviously the economic one. But, words come and go, we better give an example: our Coconut and calendula lotion bar 
Ecuadorians know the tradition of the walnut box. They say that before in every house there was a walnut tree. How fantastic! Used to see the round wooden boxes in windows, stores, kiosks we did not see anything out of the ordinary! Until we knew its origin, in the city of Ambato, and a whole family of artisans who traditionally dedicate themselves to its elaboration.
With simplicity and a lot of generosity they showed us their skills. They reach the soul. We understood that a traditional sweet and its packaging goes beyond the satisfaction of tasting it.
And the walnut box became the packaging for the cream.
Supporting the local economy and sustaining the handmade product is priceless!
We have reached consumers who had forgotten or did not know about this traditional packaging. Incredible, isn’t it?
We have re-positioned the use of a package, which was always biodegradable but we didn’t see it as such.
Sometimes custom is stronger than love. The love of conscious consumption!


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